Since early 2005, RDV is strongly promoting Jamaican musics in France with various activities. They always ready to play, anytime, anywhere, where it is a jugglin dance or a soundclash ! The sound is also often organising dubplates recording sessions and have shown support for many upcoming artists – some of them had their big break since then!

Created in 2004 by Thias and Pec in Tours (center of France), the sound will be joined in 2007 by Tom. Two members then moved to Paris and started give more exposure to the sound in the French capital.
The Reggae History is wide, just as Ride De Vibes selections. Everything is played : Ska, Roots, Rub-a-dub, Digital, New roots, Dancehall… You can of course add to that Hip-hop, RnB, Afrobeat, Soca …

They are nonethless huge hardcore dancehall fans, and that is the motivation behind their monthly event “Up Like Friday” in Paris, running since 2016. The party quickly became the place to be for all dancehall addicts.
The sound is still quite active in Tours, in collab with the “Smalla Connection” crew.
Although the soundclash scene is not very developped in France, Ride De Vibes was part of some of the major french clashes of these last years : “Center Cup” (Tours, on 2007), “Time fi clash” (Lyon, on 2014) and “Is Paris burning?” (Paris, on 2015). To finally reach their first victory (by lock off against Interlion Sound) at the “Tours City Soundclash #2” (jan 2020)

RDV made their debut alongside African Héritage and Positiv’ Airlines (Asher Selector), making their first big scenes and recording their first dubplates. Since then, they have gone a long way, playing everywhere in France and representing on the international scene (Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, UK, Canada, Jamaica).
Every summer, RDV is showing up at the “Aucard Festival” in Tours and at the famous “Fête de L’Humanité” in Paris which gathers every year more than 500 000 people.
They also keep a residence at the famous Twenty One sound Bar in Paris for a party called “Twenty One Rhum Salute”, and also at the 15 club for their montly party called “Up Like Friday”.

They also toured with several artists like Joseph Cotton, Cham, Spice, Brahim, Bazil … Bazil is one of the artists the sound had supported over the years, just like Gappy Ranks from UK or jamaican artists Tiana, Charly Black, and Iba Mahr which first official mixtape was done. More recently, they focused on Jamaica newest female sensation Shenseaa.

In 2020, Raph (Ex Sativa Sound) decided to join the crew to represent Ride Di Vibes in Jamaica and ovaseez.
It also let an open door for Ride Di Vibes to dabble in production by collaborate with Raph own Label : GoldUp Music.

This is Ride Di Vibes : always up to something new, as long it is good